It’s On!

The Court is now in session! We are a youth club in Worthing meeting every other Saturday.  If you are 11 years and over you are welcome to join us.  Lots of games, fun, craft, tuck shop and more! FREE ENTRY

The Court – What?

The Court exists for the young people of Worthing from the age of 11 to hang out and have a good time! We’ve an Xbox on a 100 inch screen, basketball, FREE food, competitions and what ever other else we can come up with, and the best part is…it’s FREE! We also provide a tuck […]


The Court, at it’s core, is about providing a place for young people to come, connect and have fun. It is a place where young people can talk and be listened to without prejudice or judgement, providing a place to hang out on Saturday nights (The Court is an alcohol and drug free zone).